A message from GREGG

A Message from Gregg

Small businesses come and go and on average most don’t survive past their seventh year. I feel very fortunate that in 2023 we will be entering our 29th year of business. Thinking back, the numbers are staggering. Thousands of musical instruments were repaired, rented, and sold along with the thousands of lessons that were taught through our store. But the most important numbers of all are the countless relationships that we formed through the music center these past 29 years. 

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to our music center staff past and present. The expertise each of them brought to our store clearly contributed to our success and it has truly been a pleasure to work with these dedicated musicians. It is difficult to describe here how much each of them has personally touched our lives. They were with us through major milestones in our professional and personal lives. Their presence made it possible for us to get through many of the challenges we faced. 

We have made it through recessions, the explosion of internet competition, Big Box competition, four different landlords and a crippling pandemic. But nothing could prepare us for our biggest obstacle yet, a sudden 350% increase in our rent. After extensive negotiations proved to be futile, I was faced with a decision of whether to start over in a new location or take a pause and reevaluate. I have chosen the latter. What happens next beyond that fact I’m not sure. 

So regrettably, I am sharing the news that we are officially closing Van Gelder Music Center in its present location and form on January 30, 2023.

I will be forever grateful to all of you that made it easy to get the job done. To our dedicated staff, teachers, and wonderful sales reps, words cannot begin to express the respect and gratitude you deserve.

Thank you to all our loyal customers from Monroe and the surrounding towns, including all of Orange County and beyond who came through our doors for the last 29 years. We know you had other choices. Thank you for choosing us and giving us the opportunity to serve your musical needs. It truly has been our pleasure and my family, and I are forever in your debt.

Owning a family business is a truly unique experience. I want to thank my wife, Kathleen, and my children, Michael and Elise, for going on this journey with me the last 29 years. Their love and support were always unwavering. 

It’s been a great run!

Wishing you all peace and success in the New Year.

Best always,

Gregg and family

6 thoughts on “A message from GREGG

  1. Really surprised and sorry to hear about this. It was a pleasure doing business with you. My guitars always felt and sounded great after you worked on them. Good luck in you future endeavors!!!

  2. Gregg: I am so sorry to hear the news. I truly enjoyed coming into your store over many, many years. You helped both my sons with their instruments through MW and straightened out several instruments for me as well. Absolutely disgusting what was done to you in terms of rent increase; so sad what is happening to this town. Your store was a staple of the community and you will be greatly missed. Good luck to you sir.

  3. Yes, you are a staple of the community. Always a role model for your own kids as well as so many other people in town. I’ll catch up to you in the real world…

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