We have Soprano Recorders and neck straps in stock now!

We have Soprano Recorders and Neck straps in stock !
We have Soprano Recorders and Neck straps in stock !

We have Soprano Recorders and Neck straps in stock now.  These School Approved Soprano recorders are available in Blue, Purple, Orange Pink and Black and more!

These are perfect first instruments and used in the local School District Monroe Woodbury to introduce the third grade students to music.


Closeout EBS Bass Strings Made in USA – Save 50% off original prices!


EBS Bass String Sale!

BASS STRING SALE! Closeout on EBS “Northern Light” Stainless Steel String Sets, Made in USA!

4-String (45-105): $16.99, or buy two sets for $29.99!
5-String (45-128): $22.99, or buy two sets for $37.99!

EBS is a Swedish company specializing in high-quality, professional bass equipment and accessories. The material used to make these strings keeps them lasting longer while producing a very rich sound.


one of our recent projects…..


This weeks project is a 3 pickup Fender Bass. I custom wired it so that each pickup can be turned on or off with a push pull potentiometer. It has the ability for all pickups to be on or off at once or any combination of the three. I also wired the master tone pot to be fully functioning in the up position or be completely by passed for pure pickup tone in the down position.

I love my job!

I love my job!
I love my job!

I love this job, no two instruments are the same and each repair I approach individually. Some of my restoration and repair work this week range from a complicated electronic rewiring replica of the famous Jerry Garcia guitar “Tiger” to crack restoration on these Gibsons,Martins and Ovations.

Repairs large or small!

Carefully removing excess glue and scraping the binding to a seamless fit against the wood.

At Van Gelder Music Center we are committed to provide the finest quality musical instrument repairs in the greater Monroe New York area. Whether your musical instrument repair requires total restoration or just a simple adjustment we are your source. We repair Guitars, Basses, Banjo’s, Mandolins, Ukulele’s and all orchestral and band instruments. Give us a call today at 845 774 4300 if you need more information about our instrument repairs and services.

Genzlers revolutionary new acoustic amp is here!

The amazing new Genzler Array acoustic amp!

We are proud to present Genzler amplifications revolutionary acoustic guitar amplifier. It features 2 channels and is stand mountable.  This amp will pump out 350 watts of pure clean power. It can be used for acoustic instruments and vocals and can even be used as a stand alone PA. Join the Genzler ARRAY Revolution today!

Give us a call today at 845 774 4300 for more information and check out this great video below!